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Best City to Work for Tech – Techie’s Office

Silicon Valley pops up in an average person’ head every time a Science graduate talks about making money. The place in the state of California is so synonymous with the term best city to work for technology that it has acquired itself a cult in countries beyond its native land wherein a city centralized on technology is coined as the Silicon Valley of that particular country.

Choosing a city to be a tech city

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What city is the best for techies?

The concluding statement in the previous paragraph poses an important question of whether the best city to work for tech actually has a parameter on which the decision can be based. The answer is a resounding: Yes! It is fuelled by political interventions and government planning.

  • A city that has a status of being called a ‘Metro’ attracts a lot of people and has a higher density of per capita population thereby, enabling the companies to hire more employees.
  • If the government increases the job opportunity of a particular area or has a units headquarter in a city, a vast migration is unavoidable. Thus, there is a higher chance of finding potential talents that could translate into greater rewards.

Top cities to work for tech

Identifying the best city for tech can be a tedious job as it involves calculating a lot of statistical data and just obtaining it is a lengthy procedure. The main points to look for while choosing the best city for tech involves the median salary of employees, the living costs of the city and the percentage of the workforce employed in the field. Few of them in the US that stand a chance to be the best city for tech based on the empirical data are as follows –

  • Omaha, Nebraska – The city makes it to the list owing to its affordable nature which is below the national average coupled with an unemployment rate that has seen a decline over the years. The opportunities are massive for tech field workers and the city has an unemployment rate that could in economic terms be described as ‘Full Employment’.
  • San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California – One of the most affordable cities in the pricey state of California, the city has headquarters or major operating offices of some of the giants in the tech business. The income of an average employee is the highest amongst all cities and has the highest ratio of employment in the technology sector.
  • Huntsville, Alabama – With an affordability of less than a grand, Huntsville is a prime destination for people working in tech. What makes it one of the best city to work for tech is the involvement of a government space program being headquartered at this venue.
  • Lynchburg, Virginia – A small town that houses very little unemployment, the city is particularly good for techies because of the salary pay which is double than the average wage in the city.
  • Houston, Texas – The city is headquartered by 24 Fortune 500 companies and holds the distinction of being an emerging hub for biomedical research. With a population of tech workers that could out pass the population of a city, the place is a hub for technology aspirants.
  • Sierra Vista, Arizona – Despite the higher living costs of the city, the salary that an average worker involved in a tech-based company gets, makes up for the loss. Moreover, the city provides with a barrage of jobs to people seeking employment in the field.

As can be seen in the mentioned cities, the best place for a person with a degree in Science is not only restricted to the employment rate of a particular place. The idea is to make the life smooth with an affordable surrounding and an environment that emanates a fragrance that smells of science. Surprisingly, not many cities of the famous Silicon Valley feature in the list solely because of a higher living cost with headquarters of some industrial giants not sufficient enough to counterbalance that effect.