About Us

Kpilot is about futuristic technology: remember when you were a child and sci-fi used to be your go t? The child who used to believe anything was possible. Such as warping through space! If you were part of the star wars generation you were probably thinking by the time we hit the 21st century we should be exploring space heavily already.

We here at Kpilot.org strongly believe in imagination and keeping your creative touch. For some reason somewhere along the line between being a child and growing up to be an adult, you forgot about your dreams. My best friend and I decided to create this website to relive those dreams.

Teachers used to always say: don’t use your phone in class, or I will take it away. They said to pay attention and learn because this knowledge can change your life. However, that’s taking valuable away from daydreaming about the future. Having a creative mind is important because it will help you solve real problems in the world rather than be part of the system.

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope we can provide a lot of useful information about our vision for the future.