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An overview of the KPilot application

A replacement for Palm Desktop software, Kpilot software from Palm Source Inc. by which PalmOS handheld information is being exchanged with the help of a Linux machine running KDE. With the help of Kpilot you can backup and restore your Palm Pilot. Also the built – in applications can be synchronized with their KDE applications. The features include the following:

  • There are viewers that are built – in to view the data which are stored on the handheld.
  • The hexadecimal database viewer for the advanced use.
  • With the help of a PC you can sync a handheld.
  • New databases and programs can be installed on the handheld.
  • With the help of DCOP daemon and Kpilot communicate for several purposes which include things like logging messages, exchange of configuration information and changing the HotSync type.


What are the steps of setting a connection using the configuration assistant?

In the initial step you have to enter your user name. then you have to enter the name of the device to which the handheld is being connected. After starting Kpilot, you will have to select Settings, and further configure Kpilot from the bar menu. The program will offer to start the Configuration Wizard, that button needs to be clicked. After which the username which is stored in the PDA needs to be provided and the computer desktop port to which the PDA is been connected. Kpilot will auto detect this. If your connection cannot be autodetected then you will have to be specific and mention /dev/ttyUSB1.

Once you have been set up properly Kpilot Daemon will state automatically if it has not been running yet. While you are following all the steps in an appropriate manner make sure you keep an eye on the HotSync Log Window in the Kpilot software. You could also find some important information in here which could help you get through the troubleshooting problems. The progress of synchronization will take some while if you have many applications that are installed on your PDA.

The Kpilot software will enable you to update your mails, contacts and the other applications that you have from your Linux based computer. This simple application will basically enable your Palm to work with your Linux. Kpilot consists of a GPG key which is basically used for the purpose of signing the tarballs and similar files that are important. This key should be used in order to check the downloaded tarballs from the site for the purpose of integrity.

Security of Kpilot Software: it is considered to be really important that before you download, build or install the software you need to understand what is the concept and what exactly you are actually downloading, building or installing. In order to help you with the integrity of the Kpilot downloads from the site, here is some beneficial information for you:

  • GPG signature: this is named same as the file which it is a signature for, which has an additional .asc suffix. This will actually help you with the verification of the files which are downloaded from the website.
  • Md5 sum file:  also this is being named same as the file for which it is a sum for, which consists of the suffix of .md5. this makes sure that the files that have been downloaded by you were never tempered nor modified in – transit.

In order to be built, the Kpilot needs a number of tools. What are the list of things that you need to install?

  • KDE or else the compilation of the KDE does not make much sense.
  • KDE development, the kdelibs software package will come along with the KDE.
  • The qt development, basically this is one of the underlying libraries for the KDE. Having KDE means that you already will have the regular qt packages. Then you will need the headers for development.
  • You will also require the other packages for development. Also you might need other stuff in order to compile the Kpilot.