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How is Linux different compared to the other operating systems?

Like the other operating systems that include Windows, iOS and OS X the Linux operating system has some similarities. Just like the other types of operating systems, Linux has a graphical interface. Also it has the types of software that you will use on the other operating systems. But there are some important differences between Linux and the other operating systems too. Linux being an open source software is free and the public can view and edit it.

Linux can be customized since the applications can be swapped out. The core components can also be chosen by the users of Linux like which system will display its graphics and other components of the user – interface. Well you might not be knowing but are probably already using Linux. This will basically depend on the user survey of the webpages on the internet which are generated by the servers running Linux.

There is a great preference for Linux since it is secure and you will also be able to receive a great support from the users of the large community.

How can you benefit from Linux OS?

space code - How is Linux different compared to the other operating systems?

Coding is cool. Open-source software like Linux has been popular for ages.

  • Linux can easily be downloaded from the web easily: you do not have to pay at all for this amazing software. It is absolutely free of cost. But it is considered that the users need to make some donations to the favourite programs this will help the developers in expanding.
  • Free of virus: there can be some malware   that could affect your software but then there is a security feature which will keep you protected from this.
  • Flexibility: Linux will allow a user to make the required changes to the operating system, thus it makes it really flexible to the users to do things as per the requirement. The user or the developer can make full use of the potential of the computer. In this way no money or time has to be spent in order to run the license of the software.
  • Linux is an open source system: you can make an addition of new features. You can customize the features that you want to and then delete the ones you don’t want to. With this operating system you do not have any restrictions or limitations.
  • It can be easily installed: any kind of a hardware will accept the installation of the Linux software. Basically you can download it on the most basic type of a computer which is used for simple and basic purpose of mailing and browsing through the internet.

If you want further details regarding the Linux related article you can browse through the various websites which provide you with the related details and information. Stated below are a few features of Linux which include:

  • Portability: this means that the Linux operating system will support the different types of hardware.
  • System of the file: the files and directories are arranged in the system of the file.
  • Graphical user interface: Linux has a command line that is based on the operating system but it can also be converted to graphical user interface based with the help of the installing packages.

What are the things that are essential in order to make Linux successful?

  • Testers: this will make sure that everything works on a different configuration of the hardware as well as the software and in case it does not work as required the bugs will be reported.
  • Developers: they are essential too, since they write the software.
  • Translators: they help with the programming and the documentation from their native languages and then they make sure this is easily accessible to the people from around the world.
  • Writers: they will help with the creating of the documentation and the other important text that is been distributed along with the software.

Packagers: they look after the programs of the software and then make sure that all the parts are been put together to ensure that they run smoothly in the different distributions.