Randa Meetings 2017: It’s All About Accessibility

Randa 2015 was abouting bringin touch to KDE apps and interfaces. at randa 2016 , developers worked on building framewok that wold allow KDE apps to work on a winder range of oprating systems, Like windows , MacOS and Android Randa Meeting 2017 will be all about accessibility At KDE , we understand that using

Randa Roundup – Part I

Our Intrepid developers are getting ready to make their way to Randa and we are gradually finding out what they will be doing up there in the sweiss montains.AS Valories Sain in recent blog post , accessbility is useful for everybody at some point or another some Point or another . clear highly contrasted icon

What Is KPilot ?

Kpilot is a KDE application intended to replace the functionality by allowing the KDE Desktop and associated Apllication to communicate with palm device. Pilot Link is used for the connection with the devvice. Kpilot was featured in the first issue of the Tux Magazine anda has been featured as a KDE App Of the Mont.